Zena Exotic Fruits SA

31 years of experience and know-how, passed down from father to son, at your service !!!

Zena Exotic Fruits SA is a  family owned, eco-friendly, food processing company proudly based in Dakar, Senegal - in sunny West Africa. 

Zena Exotic Fruits SA  is one of the jewels and leaders in Senegal’s food sector. It is distinguished by its dynamism in the processing of local fruits and vegetables. Each year, the company turns nearly 900 tons of fresh fruit and vegetables into all natural jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit butters, syrups, drinks and nectars, pepper sauces… 

 Founded in 1986, the family owned production facility has recently transitioned its market focus from domestic sales to global exports under its new generation of management. Between 2011-2014,  Zena Exotic Fruits’ production and distribution of processed fruit products has grown nearly 40 % with new markets in Europe, the Middle East, the United States and Canada. A socially responsible company, Zena  Exotic Fruits gives preferential employment opportunities to women, youth, and people with disabilities. Nearly 90% of its employees are women and it has developed special training and production processes to employ people who are hearing impaired or deaf.  Zena Exotic Fruits continues to work with the Government of Senegal to improve corporate engagement in communities’ social well-being. 

The ZENA brand represents reliable, high quality, all natural foods produced by a socially responsible, owned by a family, and run by a woman. We have developed national and international markets by providing authentic, natural, and flavorful products that are 100% African. We are especially proud to be the first company in Senegal to export to the American market under AGOA.

Thanks to the fruit of its perseverance and commitment, Zena Exotic Fruits has successfully won in 2014 the national Oscar of quality in Senegal and the European Oscar of quality delivered by the Global Trade Leaders.

We take pride in our company’s culture of socially responsibility:  90% percent of our staff is women and we provide 1% of our profits to non-profit organizations that support young children’s education in Senegal. 

Until 2008, our company was known in Senegal as Unisali. We changed our name to better communicate the core nature of our beloved foods and to pay hommage to our dear Zena, the only granddaughter born to our grandfather and company founder, Mr. Toufic Filfili. Today, Zena Exotic Fruits is owned and managed by Zouheir and Randa Filifli, the third generation of fruit processing Filfilis in Senegal.  

Our Philosophy :

We select and purchase the freshest, ripest, fruits from our local farmer partners and produce them into all-natural, pure and simple, tropical, African foods that can be enjoyed yearround.  We respect international quality control and assurance standards, provide a positive and healthy work environment, and use time-held traditional processing practices and modern equipment and packaging materials to prepare our goods.

One of our core values has always been to create new value and opportunities in our communities. Here are some of the ways we're meeting our goals:

  • We offer a non-discrimatory and healthy place to work: We provide fair wages and full health benefits to our employees: 90% of whom are women and 11 whom are hearing-impaired. To ensure a safe work place for everybody, we trained our managers in basic sign language and provided specially colored uniforms to our hearing-impaired staff to keep them safe. 
  • We're creating more jobs: By seeking out new markets abroad, we're increasing the volumes or raw materials we buy and the quantities of foods we're preparing. These increases help create additional fair-wage jobs in our Dakar facility and more income for our small farm and orchard suppliers.  
  • We are constantly innovating new products: By crafting new products like Madd Preserves and Cashew Apple Butter, we are purchasing fruits that once spoiled in Senegal due to lack of rural infrastructure. Sales of these products, which can now be enjoyed all year, increase farmers' sales and rural incomes.  
  • We produce eco-friendly & all-natural foods: The majority of our exotic foods are all-natural, which is good for people's health and our environment. We also purchase wild harvested fruits which helps villagers' conservation of forests and natural wildlife habitats.  
  • Our Giving Program: We donate 1% of our export profits to local Non-Profit Organizations supporting children's education

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