Frequently Asked Questions

Where is located Zena?

Our company is located near to the harbor of Dakar, on the former « Route de Rufisque » presently “Boulevard du centenaire de la commune de Dakar”. The proximity with the port of Dakar makes easier the international exchanges.

Who founded Zena?

Zena Exotic Fruits has been created, in 1986, by M. Toufic Filfili, with the name of Unisali, but in 2008 they have decided to change it into Zena Exotic Fruits, name of the only grand-daughter of the promoter. Nowadays, Zena Exotic Fruits is managed by Mrs Randa FILFILI and her husband Mr Zouheir FILFILI.

What kind of products are made by Zena?

Except products presented in detail like jams, honey, syrups, drinks & nectars Zena Exotic Fruits also markets products like Tahini, Halwa Lebanese specialty, dried breadcrumbs, icing sugar, peanuts, nougats and more other specialties. We also propose exotic jam baskets, to enjoy or to offer!!!

How many people work in Zena?

Zena Exotic Fruits work team, it’s about more than 100 members, who know the production technology, completed by seasonal workers in fruit ripeness period.

Where are bought our fruits and vegetables?

Most of the fruits and vegetables, used for the production, are produced in Senegal or in West African countries, selected between qualified producers under strict quality requirements.

Where can we buy Zenas’ products?

Our range of product is available in a lot of places in Senegal : (list in detail in the website).

Are these products available on the international market ?

Zenas’ products are distributed on the European market since 2005 and also on the american market since 2007  (See where to find our products in Europe, American market ...)

Does Zena use preservatives or food coloring?

Absolutely no. We just use natural fruits in order to give you the real taste of the product 100% natural! No preservatives! No food coloring!

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