Cashew Apple Butter

Cashew apple butterCashew apple looks like a pear, but is the fruit that emerges from the more well known cashew nut.  The flesh is sometimes yellow or orange, and its pulp is  juicy, sweet, and slighlty dry - like a pomegranate. In West Africa, cashew apples are usually plucked off a tree and eaten on the spot. Zena Exotic Fruits is the first company to commercially produce cashew apple butter - a regional specialty that can be enjoyed year-round and provide extra, yearround income for small orchards. Many ex-pats in Senegal tell us this is the most unique product they've tried - and their favorite!

Try topping mini-toasts with a spoonful of fresh mascarpone and a dollop of our all-natural, exotic Cashew Apple Butter.

Conditionnements : 450g – 270g – 30g