Touba coffee

Touba CoffeThe Touba coffee is a drink consisted of coffee flavored of the pepper of Guinea. It is a spice pulled by some fruit dried of Xylopia aethiopica, a tree of the bay of Guinea and of Casamance ( Senegal). The black hot pepper, imported in Senegal from Ivory Coast or the Gabun, is ground and mixed in the coffee, and the drink is prepared according to the classic method of the drip coffee. The beverage consists mainly of some coffee flavored in the pepper of Guinea (8O %) and of "Jar" (20 %). It is served in particular during ceremonies, remembrances or magals.

"Diar" with which the coffee is prepared would help to treat some diseases of eyes. It would also be a remedy against the diabetes and the cancer of the liver. Studies recognize him even an antimicrobial activity.

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